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The beginnings

A group of amateur enthusiasts have performed all the necessary operative works envisaged by the project. In addition to the geodesist and the architect, the group comprised experts of various professional profiles. All of them have performed their tasks as volunteers.

Once the documentation has been prepared, the local inhabitants carried out the necessary physical labour. They were encouraged and led by a local, namely the President of the Committee Jože Kimovec. The works progressed in accordance with the schedule for the first phase of the project.

Later on, especially after 1991 or after Slovenia gained its independence, the project underwent several significant changes. Already on 14 September 1989, a plate with the inscription .We live on and are masters on our own land. (Živimo in gospodarimo na svoji zemlji) was placed on a special pedestal in the presence of the mayors of the Slovenian municipalities. The space around the memorial marker was expanded and paved in 1991, the new crest of the independent Slovenia was installed in 1992, the plate with the inscription of the date of Slovenia.s gaining of independence and its admittance into the United Nations organization was installed in 1994, electrical installations were performed in 1999, the memorial marker to the Slovenian patriot in the war for the independence of Slovenia was erected in 2003, the plate with the inscription of the date of Slovenia.s accession into the European Union was installed in 2004 and the plate bearing the date of the birth of the project was installed in 2005.

As time passed by, the horticultural arrangement was being improved with summer flowers and perennials. The placement of graves, plates and flower beds was rearranged.


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