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This site supplements and - in its abbreviated version - summarizes the second edition of the guide through the Geometric Centre of the Republic of Slovenia - Geoss. In comparison with the first edition, which was sold out in 1984, the second edition (1997) was, however technically improved and enriched in terms of its content with new findings and acquisitions, already substantially deficient after nine years. The summary therefore also encompasses some of the more important innovations that came about in the last nine years.

We arranged the descriptions in line with the Geometric Centre of Slovenia Act into two chapters: in the first chapter, we are presenting the narrower Geoss area, in which the monuments with historic and patriotic significance are arranged, and the second, wider area, extends beyond Vače to the prehistoric settlement on Krona.

Geoss design
The Geoss project, entitled "Vače 81 Project" (Projekt Vače 81) at first, was produced by Peter Svetik at the initiative of the then Mayor of Litija, Jože Dernovšek. He commenced with the work in January and completed the project with intensive work already by June of 1981. The Initiative Committee adopted the project in its entirety at its session on 16 June 1981, which is also the birthday of Geoss. Svetik appointed two important associates to work on the project.

The land surveyor Marjan Jenko, based on calculations, has established that the Geometric Centre of Slovenia lies in the immediate vicinity of Vače. An exact calculation showed that it lay in a beautiful location near Slivna where the Geoss memorial marker stands today. The precise determination of the Centre required the exacting graphical, analytical and calculation work, which was performed by Marjan Jenko with the available technology of the Ljubljana Geodesic Institute. The plans for the Geoss memorial marker and the arrangement of the surroundings were produced by the architect Marjan Božič, for which he also obtained a large-enough slab of granite. He personally monitored the stonecutters. manufacture of the memorial marker and operatively led the arrangement of the immediate surroundings.

The Geoss memorial marker was, simultaneously with the erection of the previous crest of Slovenia and the horticultural and architectural arrangement of the surroundings, handed over to the public at the solemn ceremony on 4 July 1981.

After more than 20 years of endeavours by the Geoss Society, the significance of Geoss was also realized by the state. Thus it was that in 2003 the Geometric Centre of Slovenia Act was adopted, the only such act in the European Union to date which regulates legally the geometric centre of the country.

Already the following year (2004), the Decree on the Concession for the Management of the Area Belonging to the Geometrical Centre of the Republic of Slovenia was adopted. On its basis, the Geoss Society was granted a concession for the management of the area belonging to Geoss in 2005.

The concession, at least for the time being, pertains only to the narrower Geoss area. For all the components of the project of the wider area, the Committee must secure financial means from other sources. The mentioned legal acts represent a new developmental period for the Geoss project.

Literature, Souvenirs
There are numerous prospectuses, guides and books about the area of the Geometric Centre of Slovenia; however, these were only available in the Slovenian language until now. The Geoss Guide (Vodnik Geoss) and the In the Heart of Slovenia (V srcu Slovenije) book rank among the most important. The Guide presents succinctly the component parts of the narrower and wider areas until 1997 while the book is a somewhat richer chronology of the realization of the project until 2000.

In recent years, the Project Committee prepared a few postcards and souvenirs. The most interesting among the souvenirs are the miniaturised replica of the famed situla, a 6th century Celtic bronze vessel, from Vače and the Geoss wooden sculpture.

You can place enquiries as to the purchase of the souvenirs by telephone of the Geoss Society (01 / 897 60 95) or with Anka Kolenc (01 / 897 66 80 or 041 896 632). Information is also provided by Jože Dernovšek (040 457 373) and Peter Svetik (041 571 897). You can also write us via electronic mail at or via regular post at the address:

Dom Geoss,
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