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Of the constituent parts of Geoss the most important is the memorial marker, a beautifully shaped sturdy rectangular column comprising: engraved corners of the sky with inscribed international symbols, a verse from the current national anthem, a list of the sponsors who made the erection of the memorial marker possible and the data on the location (geographic and latitude and longitude coordinates) and the elevation above sea level. The four-part pedestal contains the markings of the points of the sky with a carved cross denoting the Geometric Centre of the Republic of Slovenia.
The Monument to the Patriot was erected by the Union of Veterans of the War for Slovenia and handed over to the public at the cultural event in 2003. The Monument to the Patriot supplements the symbolic heritage of the Geoss memorial marker and rounds off our endeavours for independence, which we achieved following the hardship-filled past of the Slovenian nation.

The area of Geoss was subsequently over the years supplemented and rearranged by the Society. Thus, in the immediate vicinity of the memorial marker on the south side, the following are arranged in a straight line: two crests - the historic (since 1991) and the present crest of the Republic of Slovenia - and (installed on a special pedestal) two plates; the top one bearing the inscription .We live on and are masters on our own land., erected on 14 September 1989 in the presence of all the Slovenian mayors; and the bottom plate bearing the dates which mark the independence (25 June 1991), the admittance of the Republic of Slovenia into the United Nations organization (2004) and its accession into the European Union (2005).

A linden tree (lime), the symbol of Vače and Sloveneness, was planted on the north side of the memorial marker, which has grown into a mighty tree. There are nine flagpoles arranged in the area of Geoss where the flags of Geoss, the Municipality of Litija, the Republic of Slovenia and the European Union fly at all times. Between the local road and the described monuments, there are the stone-paved space, the arranged supporting walls, a flower bed and the continuously groomed green plot with larches. There is an additionally widened and asphalted space along the road intended either for visitors or for performers or even for the Honour-Guard Company of the Slovenian Armed Forces. The Geoss memorial area is, as appropriate, illuminated by two floodlights mounted on streetlight poles.

Alongside the road from Slivna and just before Geoss, an information board has been erected and provides a brief presentation of the significance of the Geoss memorial marker and the Monument to the Patriot of the War of Independence for Slovenia.


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