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The Geoss commemorative trail runs across the wider Geoss area and leads the visitor through interesting parts of central Slovenia between the Savska and Moravška valleys. The trail is around 30km long. Along the trail, one can see a myriad of cultural-historic sights and natural beauty, but most importantly, the vistas in all directions are something to behold. The trail is truly enjoyable and not too tiring. The Geoss Guide has a map of the trail attached to facilitate orientation on the trail. The commemorative trail is situated at the crossroads where there are no other markings but the markings of the trail that read . Geoss Trail. (Pot Geoss).

In addition to this trail, there is the trail along the Avenue of Creativity on Prehistoric Ground, which is suitable for shorter walks. Among the study trails, I should at least mention the geological, forest and the historic trails. Their lengths vary from 3 to 5km.


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