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Situla from Vače

The most renowned excavation find at Vače and in Slovenia in general (in all the periods researched by archaeology) is the so-called situla from Vače. It was excavated by the self-taught antiquarianism enthusiast, the farmer Janez Grilc from Klenik (1860.1931), namely on 17 January 1882. The artefact, which was most probably created at the turn of the 6th century B.C., reflects the traditional influences of the Mediterranean world.
The scenes in the "epic" on the life of the military nobility - perhaps even of the Grand Duke himself - are as follows: the first scene depicts the procession, the second depicts the gift offering, the feast and the dual and the third depicting animals.
Copy of situla
Original situla
The situla from Vače is 23.8cm tall and is made of bronze tin. It has three separate parts bound with bronze rivets. The handle is made of thick ruled wire, which ends in a stylised duck.s head on both ends. The figurative representations are made using the embossing and chasing technique (toreutics). The Haltstadt find is kept by the National Museum of Slovenia in Ljubljana.

At Klenik, the Geoss Society has positioned an approximately five times larger replica of this drinking vessel, which is thus made available for the visitors to view. Next to it is a plate for the most prolific researcher of the area of this prehistoric settlement, Dr. France Stare.


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