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Vače are located 35km from Ljubljana and lie between Slivna (880m) and Zasavska sveta gora (852m) on the southern slope of the mountain pass into the Moravška dolina valley. The history of Vače in the present day location began with the arrival of the Romans.

Vače has been a rich market town and a privileged settlement with market town rights since the 15th century. Since then, the Romans had judges stationed there and organized weekly fairs, took baths nearby and excavated and founded iron and copper ore.

The central part of Vače is the square with the Church of St. Andrew (cerkev sv. Andreja). The square also has a multi-purpose house with a shop, post office, the headquarters of the Local Community and a kindergarten; alongside the road through Vače, there is the Mrva restaurant. The Geoss Home is located on the same side of the street nearby. Worth a visit is also the parish Church of St. Andrew.

Because of the beautiful location, wonderful vistas and the historic significance, Vače is an extremely attractive excursion point.


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